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Sales Positions Open in Ottawa. 2017-08-25

CANADAVFD  was founded in 2001 in Vancouver (IPC Canada),  and moved to Ottawa in 2009. It is a high-tech R&D company specialized in electric motor control, electric energy regeneration and energy recovery systems.

In 2013, based on the future environmental challenges in North America, we set up CANFRESH and EcoHome21 teams in developing residential products, targeting residential organic waste recycling system and instant hot water + drinking water system.

Canfresh® organic waste recycle, Ecohome21® instant hot water + drinking water system  are first of its kind, patented, and have a great potential market in North America.

We are looking for Sales Persons who are ambitious and willing to take challenges in his/her career.

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2 positions (4 Vacancies ) in Ottawa Area.

Job related @ door to door , residential  neighborhood  and direct sales,

Your Responsibilities:

Position One, 2 Vacancies

  • 1.1 Promote and sell Canfresh organic waste recycle and Ecohome21 water systems to potential customers,
  • 1.2 Target end-customers, (starting from Ottawa area),


..........apartment buildings,
..........libraries, centers,
..........other in-door public places where garbage odor are problems,

  • 1.3 Conduct your daily work from search , screen, contact, negotiate until the final sale is achieved.
  • 1.4 Schedule the installation with customer, and inform our field service technicians.

Position Two,  2 Vacancies,

  • 2.1, Promote products to selected distributors / retailers/ independent sales,
  • Search and screen potential distributors / retailers/ independent  who may interested in selling our products,
  • 2.2,  Step by step lead these distributors / retailers/ independent  into business partnership with us,
  • 2.3,  Gradually achieve our target through this net work/ partners.
  • 2.4,  Set up one independent business partner in each area with 25,0000 population or 90,000 families.


  • Weekly report, including closed sales, potential customers, targeting sales for next week, and brief schedules,
  • Weekly back up or file copies for all information such as customer name, email, telephone number,
  • Basically you will be working in our Ottawa office in the first 3 months.

Skills, qualities and experience:

  • Basic skills to end customer such as apartment building landlords or management companies,
  • OR basic skills in developing business partnership with independent persons or companies.
  • Potential networks in your target customers / business partners
  • Excellent in communication via cold call, email, social media


1,  Commission only,

2, Basic salary + commission

Sales: Canfresh Recycle Bin
Sales: Odourless Recycle Bin