Drinking Water with EcoHome21®

Drinking Water: EcoHome21®

Drinking Safe, Using Safe

Hot Water Burns
Safe Water Combo

One of a kind water system

Safe Drinking Water and Instant Hot Water
Distilled Water + Instant Hot Water

Free Distilled Drinking Water, 24/7/365

The most reliable solution in your kitchen

1, Produces Hot Water an Distilled water at same time.
2, Recovers 95% energy from water distillation to heat up water.
3, Provides continuous purified drinking water at almost NO additional COST.
4, Patents Pending in Canada and USA

Hot Water + free Distilled Water, One of a Kind Product
5, Produces up to 12L of cooled distilled water each day.
6, Instant and non-interrupted hot water with anti-scalding valve ASSE1070.
7, Fully automatic operation. Standby power less than 40w.
8, Saves up to $4,206 drinking water cost in 6 years.
9, Built with High Efficiency Energy Recovery System.
10, Saves hundreds in water bills, hydro bills or gas bills.( up to $557)
11, Hot water supply capacity: instant and continues, unlimited
12, Made of Lead-free SS 316L material

* Distilled water produced is in proportion to hot water consumption in average,
------(about 1L cooled distilled water for every 10L hot water consumed)
** Estimation based on a family of three @ $ 1.2 per gallon, 2L per person per day, within 6 years quality warranty

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