Drinking Water with EcoHome21.

Drinking Water at EcoHome21

Always Drinking Safe. Using Safe.

Hot Water Burns
Safe Water Combo

One of a kind water system.

Safe Drinking Water and Instant Hot Water
Distilled Water + Instant Hot Water

Free Distilled Drinking Water, 24/7/365.

The most reliable solution in your kitchen.

1, Produces Hot Water and Distilled water at same time.
2, Recovers 95% energy from water distillation to heat up hot water.
3, Provides continuous purified drinking water,  at almost NO additional COST.
4, Patents Pending in both Canada and USA.

Hot Water + free Distilled Water.  One of a Kind Product.
5, Produces up to 12L of cooled distilled water each day.
6, Instant and non-interrupted hot water,  with anti-scalding valve ASSE1070.
7, Fully automatic operation. Standby power less than 30w.
8, Saves up to $4,206 in drinking water cost in 6 years.
9, Built with High Efficiency Energy Recovery System.
10, Saves hundreds in water bills, hydro bills or gas bills up to $557.
11, Hot water supply capacity: instant and continues, unlimited.
12, Made of Lead-free SS 304 or 316L material.

Installed at your home, under kitchen counter, 24/7 ready.
* Distilled water produced is in proportion to hot water consumption in average.
* * About 1L cooled distilled water for every 10L hot water consumed).
** Estimation based on a family of three.
@ $ 1.2 per gallon bottled water, 2L per person per day, within 6 years quality warranty.

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EcoHome21 & Canfresh
EcoHome21 & Canfresh

Free Safe Drinking Water and more products
EcoHome21® and Canfresh®

1, Eco Home Solution, from home to working place.
2, Reliable Drinking Water at very low operation cost.
3, Safe Instant Hot Water for kids and seniors.
4, Eco Recycle solution for every family.
5, Energy Recovery System for Industry.

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