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Business, Franchise Opportunities

1.   We provide innovative and cutting edge products.

2,   Great potential. It is the trends of GO GREEN,  and best Franchise Opportunities.

2.   Limited Franchisee / Authorized retailers are open in the USA and Canada.

3.   We authorize only one Franchisee  / retailer in each district with population of 250,000.

4.   We provide turn-key training in sales, installation, maintenance and repair.

5.   Necessary qualifications are required:
---- Motivation to run a long-term business is essential.
---- You must have experiences in local sales.
---- You have existing or potential customer sources in your area.
---- Have skills in doing simple installations (plumbing).
---- A team of three to four  is the best. 
---- Family-based business is preferable.

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Products and Services

Canfresh & EcoHome21 services:

Your satisfaction is our priority

We provide quality Products and Services

Featured Products in 2017

1,  Instant Water Heater with:

Water and energy saving function,

Anti-scalding valve equipped.

Legionella Free Control.

2, In Kitchen Distilled Drinking Water:

A  combo of  instant hot and distilled water.

Get quality drinking water at FREE energy cost.

Saving hundreds of dollars every year.

3,  Residential Organic waste recycle and storage:

Smart recycle bin for green life style.

No odours, no flies, no maggots, store garbage for 4 weeks.

Make kitchen clean, keep family healthy.

4,  (OEM only)

OEM service for Motor Drive System distributors.

Commercial Energy Recovery.

Elevators, escalators,  AC  motor drives.

Regenerative Dynamic Brake.

Emergency Rescue Power.

+ plus 30% energy recovery for Elevators and Escalators.